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Content ideas for social media

1) A funny inspirational message with a logo and url on it.

2) Post product photos

3) Candid shot of yourself or your office – humanizes the brand

4) Photo of the product from a unique angle

5) Asking for opinions about the product

6) Show a human side of you

7) Share the most popular blog post 

8) Industry event photos and content

9) Free download or an offer

10) Take a memory lane trip with your audience – share your old website

11) Links of newsletters

12) Find out which topic is trending in your analytics

13) Guest post

14) Share tips on your niche

15) Answer questions in Quora – and share them on social media

16) Giveaway and events

17) Acknowledge your brand ambassadors

18) Share your photos and what you are doing

19) Self-promotion with videos and images – try building relationships before pro

20) Promoting yourself